I am an accredited mediator and independent research and policy consultant with over 12 years’ experience working internationally and in the UK on conflict, land, housing, peacebuilding and education. My PhD (Law) focused on mediation processes in the context of violent conflict, and I have taught at the University of Bristol in both the Law School and the School of Politics and International Studies.

A fresh perspective

I combine the rigour and analysis of an academic researcher with an ability to listen and engage with people across cultures and circumstance. Through this I have the discernment and sensitivity to create safe and held spaces, whatever the dispute, whatever the setting.

The breadth of my experience brings a unique perspective to the conflict transformation and the craft of mediation. My doctoral research highlighted  the need for understanding complex multi-interest situations and the possibility for innovative solutions in the most intractable of situations. I have since worked with UN agencies, international organisations, NGOs and consultancies on issues of conflict, land and crisis response. Current roles include humanitarian diplomacy support for disaster relief agency ShelterBox. In the UK, I have been active in supporting community based mediation and engagement programmes amongst diverse communities. I have worked to support refugees and asylum seekers as well as several years in the hospitality industry as a DJ, sound engineer and bar supervisor. I previously sat on the Board of Bristol Mediation, working across the South West of the UK.

Having taught on both the Law and Politics degree programmes I combine the knowledge of the legal terrain with an outsiders’ critical attention to detail and ability to see beyond mainstream perspectives. This has been invaluable in navigating the junctures between policy, practitioner, community and academic perspectives in much of my subsequent work. I love to engage with people and am experienced in training and facilitating groups of diverse age, background and approach.

Please do contact me to speak about your project, to find out more about what I can offer, or simply to connect around a shared interest. 

Away from mediation and conflict transformation work, I love to read graphic novels, listen to and write poetry, watch politically-biting comedy and dance around the house with my family. Together we imagine inclusive and creative possibilities for education, politics and community.